Past Projects

Image for Colorectal Cancer Screening Project

Colorectal Cancer Screening Project

Pilot program intervention delivered to employees who were shown to have low compliance with colorectal cancer screening. Included the development of posters, flyers, customized emails, newsletter articles, and animated videos.

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Image for Fruit & Veggie Challenge

Fruit & Veggie Challenge

Enterprise-wide challenge developed to encourage the increase of vegetable and fruit intake in the employee population. Challenge involved weekly educational emails and fruit & vegetable consumption goals for participants to meet.

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Image for Healthy Eating on Campus Project

Healthy Eating on Campus Project

Creation of an online healthy eating resource which would serve as a guide for places on-campus that people can go and purchase healthy meals and/or snacks.

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Image for Ergonomic Infographic

Ergonomic Infographic

Development of a series of posters to educate employees about proper body mechanics and positioning, with a focus on sitting and standing workstations.

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