Emotional Support During COVID-19

Emotional Support During COVID-19

For those who are struggling with emotions or stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FSAP can help.


Telemental Health Services

FSAP now offers telemental health services (telephonic and video-conferencing sessions and consultations) to support the needs of our faculty, staff, physicians, trainees and their families. These services are conducted through a HIPAA Compliant Zoom platform.

Extended Hours

FSAP now also offers evening hours from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. for virtual assessments, counseling, coaching, consultation and other behavioral mental health services, as well as education and outreach group support sessions.

Our Services

Behavioral Mental Health Services (BHM)

Our BMH services (offered through telemental health) include:
  • Comprehensive assessments
  • Coaching and counseling sessions
  • Consultations with the FSAP clinical team
  • Community referrals to external treatment providers
  • Case management
  • Critical incident response (CIR) debriefings
  • Suicide prevention support
  • Threat assessment services
  • 24 hours/7 days a week on-call and crisis intervention services

Weekly Refresh

Join FSAP every Wednesday at 4:30pm for a 15-minute virtual meditation or resilience tip for the day. Access @ https://zoom.us/j/271917067

COVID-19 Group Support Sessions

Single Mingle
Thursday, March 25, 4:00 – 5:00pm

Springtime is coming, but the pandemic is still creating challenges, especially for people who live alone. Come together with other single Emory staff and faculty to make new friends, share how you are doing and chat about creative coping strategies as you "spring forward!" Led by the Emory Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP). Register in advance to receive Zoom link.

For frontline healthcare professionals only:

COVID-19 Grief Debriefing Group Support Sessions

These Grief Debriefing Sessions are being offered to address the experiences of frontline healthcare professionals facing the daily impact of the pandemic.

Learn more and schedule

For family members of frontline healthcare professionals only:

COVID-19 Grief Debriefing Group Support Sessions for Family

These Grief Debriefing Support Group Sessions are being offered to address the grief and loss needs of the family members of frontline healthcare professionals.

Learn more and schedule

Departmental Offerings

The following educational webinars and group support sessions are offered via telephonic and video-conferencing sessions with ZOOM:

Webinar –Stress Management/Resilience During COVID-19 (for Teams) This virtual webinar facilitated by FSAP offers work teams healthy coping strategies for navigating life during COVID-19.  Tips and resources for managing personal and work-related stress will address remote work, fears/uncertainty, grief and loss, staying connected, team support and transitioning back to the “new normal.”  Participants will be invited to ask questions and share resilience strategies they are practicing individually and as a team. 

Support & Resilience Group Session – Coping with COVID-19 (For Teams) This virtual interactive group session facilitated by FSAP will engage work teams in a dialogue about the personal and work-related impact of COVID-19.  Participants will be invited to share challenges they are facing, as well as examples of healthy coping strategies (what’s working for you).  FSAP facilitators will offer suggestions and resources for managing the effects of the pandemic, including tips for emotional resilience, grief and loss, remote work, staying connected, team support and transitioning to the “new normal.”  

FSAP Overview of Services (For Teams) Learn about resources available to employees, immediate family members, leaders and departments during and following the COVID-19 pandemic.  Leaders may request a virtual presentation for teams/divisions during staff meetings, huddles or a another convenient time (minimum 5 participants).  Advance notice of at least 1 week is typically needed.


Leaders may contact FSAP @ 404-727-WELL (9355) or efsap@emory.edu to request the above webinars, support sessions or FSAP Overview for your team/division.

Leadership/Team Services

Telephonic, video-conferencing and web-based sessions:
  • Leader Consultation and Coaching
  • Conflict Management Coaching

Other Resources

The links below may also be valuable resources at this time: