RFS: Frequently Asked Questions

RFS: Frequently Asked Questions


FAQs for 2017 Refresh from Stress: 30 Day Inspiration

Q: What is Refresh from Stress: 30 Day Inspiration?

A: Refresh From Stress: 30-Day Inspiration is an employee wellness program that offers an exciting opportunity to engage in effective steps to enhance emotional well-being. Activities focus on self-care, mindfulness, social connections, gratitude, resilience and other inspirations to help you refresh from stress. Through this month-long Inspiration, participants can learn useful and easily implemented strategies to increase their capacity to respond to and manage stress.

Q: When is Refresh from Stress: 30 Day Inspiration?

A: RFS will be held during the month of November (November 1-30, 2017).

Q. Who can participate?

A: All Emory Healthcare and Emory University benefits-eligible staff and faculty may participate.

Q: What are the benefits of participating in Refresh from Stress?

A: Benefits may include: increased self-awareness, confidence, energy, relaxation, concentration, motivation, resilience and gratitude; improved work productivity, relationships and physical health; and overall enhanced emotional well-being. These benefits may result from:

  • Building knowledge of stress management techniques and resilience
  • Practicing strategies to improve ability to focus when stressed
  • Utilizing a toolbox of self-care tips and resources
  • Prioritizing time and accepting support to improve work/life effectiveness
  • Building collaboration and teamwork by sharing ideas and having fun together
  • Contributing to a healthy work culture and positive morale.

Three positive outcomes reported from last year's RFS participants included:

  • 87 percent reported improved stress management as a result of program
  • 68 percent reported improved work productivity and team engagement
  • 95 percent reported RFS was a valuable program

Q: How does it work? What happens after I sign-up?

A: 1. When you signed up, you received a link to the activity calendar. When you complete activities, please check the boxes for the corresponding activities in your online calendar to confirm completion. This must be done in order to be eligible for prize drawings. You may complete activities any day of the month.

2. Each week, you will receive an email from FSAP with information about that week's inspiration and activities.

3. Mid-month prize drawings will be held for participants who reported completing at least 13 of the 30 activities (see details under incentives/rewards question).

4. Post-program prize drawings will be held for participants who reported completing at least 26 of the 30 activities will be eligible for prize drawings. Participants who complete all 30 activities will be eligible for grand prize drawings (see details under incentives/rewards question).

Q: Do I have to complete each activity on the actual day listed in the calendar?

A: No. Flexibility is important for emotional health. You may complete activities at any time from November 1-30, 2017. Note: Guided Release Walks are scheduled on November 8; however, you may do the walk on your own if the time doesn't work with your schedule.

Q: What incentives/rewards are being offered and how can I win?

A: All employees who registered by October 27, 2017 were offered the option to pick up a Refresh from Stress Journal.

In addition, participants may be entered into drawings for prizes* if they complete the number of activities specified below:

Complete at least 13 of the 30 activities during the first half of RFS (November 1-15) to be entered into drawings for:

  • $25 Gift Cards from Amazon (20 winners: 10 EHC and 10 EU).

Complete at least 26 of the 30 activities by November 30 to be entered into drawings for:

  • $50 gift card from Amazon or Target (20 winners: 10 EHC and 10 EU)

Complete at least 28 of the 30 activities by November 30 to be entered into drawings for:

  • Your choice of a $100 gift card from from Spafinder (for a massage or other services at a local spa), Target, OR Amazon. (10 winners: 5 EHC and 5 EU)

Complete all 30 activities by November 30 to be entered into the Grand Prize drawing (2 winners-1 EHC and 1 EU) for your choice of either...

Complete all 30 daily activities by November 30 to be entered into ONE Ultimate Grand Prize drawing donated by Sheraton through Sparkfly:

*The rewards are considered taxable income; therefore we must provide employee ID numbers for all participants who earn a reward to the Payroll Department for tax purposes.

This year, we have partnered with Sparkfly, who has relationships with many local vendors providing discounted services and products to Emory employees. We share our gratitude with Sparkfly, the Georgia Aquarium and Sheraton for their donations to this year's RFS Prizes and for supporting the wellness of the Emory community!

Q: If my name is drawn, how will I receive my reward?

A: You will receive e-mail notification with instructions on how to claim your reward. Please contact FSAP if you have any difficulty accessing your prize or electronic gift card.

Q: I'm very busy. How much time will I need to devote to RFS?

A: Refresh from Stress provides opportunities to take short periods of time to focus on your well-being. Most of the daily activities can be completed in 10 to 15 minutes.

Q: What if I sign-up and complete some of the activities, but not all of them?

A: You may complete as many or as few of the activities as you would like. Even if you don't complete enough activities to be entered into drawings for prizes, you can still enjoy the activities and the positive experiences that come from what you’ve chosen to do.

Q: If I don't complete enough activities to be entered into the drawings for a prize, can I still be eligible for a prize?

A: If you do not achieve the minimum number of activities required for a prize and wish to be included in the drawing, please mail a 4x6 postcard, containing your name, email address and telephone number to Faculty Staff Assistance Program, 1762 Clifton Rd, NE, Suite 1100, Atlanta, GA, 30322.

Q: What if I decide not to sign-up?

A: Participation is voluntary. There are no penalties for not participating in Refresh from Stress.

Q: What if I missed the deadline for registration?

A: You will not be able to register and will not be eligible for prizes. However, you may still participate informally by visiting the FSAP website and downloading the activity calendar.

Q: Once I register, what type of data is seen by Emory and who sees information about my participation? How does Emory FSAP protect my personal information?

A: Only the coordinators of Refresh from Stress and select members of Emory Information Technology will have access to the names of participants. These individuals will keep your name and participation confidential. If you receive a prize, you will be asked to provide permission in order to share your name when winners are announced.

Q: My question is not on this list. How can I get it answered?

A: You may call FSAP at 404-727-WELL or email efsap@emory.edu.