"Know Your Numbers'" health screenings help employees to make lifestyle changes

"Know Your Numbers'" health screenings help employees to make lifestyle changes

The “Know Your Numbers” health screenings held at 85 on-site events at Emory Healthcare and Emory University earlier this year provided more than 7,300 Emory employees with important information about their health. The screenings, which measured key biometric numbers including blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, body mass index (BMI) and body composition, also served as a springboard to action for employees.

“We were very pleased with this year’s screenings,” says Michael Staufacker, Director of Health Management. “Not only with the high participation numbers, but with our employees’ feedback about the events. Our exit surveys show that 96% were satisfied with their experience, but, more importantly, 84% reported increased knowledge and motivation to take action to improve their health.”

Andrea Jones, Infusion Managed Care Reimbursement Specialist with Emory Hospitals, wanted to improve her health because, “knowing my numbers is not just about me," she says. "It’s about my family and quality of life.”

Staufacker explains, “One of the reasons we offer these screenings is to build awareness with employees about their health and how their daily choices can make a big impact. To assist with their education and awareness, Emory provides employees with substantial support and resources that support employees’ health and well-being. Find more information on our website, http://www.hr.emory.edu/eu/wellness/index.html.”

Provant Health, the third party vendor that conducted Emory’s health screenings, summarized the 2017 screening data in an aggregate report (refer to chart for findings).

If employees were unable to participate in the onsite screenings, they still have several opportunities to “Know Your Numbers” and earn an Emory medical plan incentive of $150. More Information:  www.hr.emory.edu/KnowYourNumbers.