Healthy Emory Connect: Well-being Designed for You

Healthy Emory Connect: Well-being Designed for You

Welcome to Healthy Emory Connect, our new health and well-being resource! This easy-to-use app (for desktop and mobile devices) provides resources, programs and tools to help you reach your personal health goals, earn rewards and have fun! Powered by Virgin Pulse, the app is also how Emory employees will get their 2018 medical plan incentives, participate in challenges like the Move More Challenge, and much more!

Healthy Emory Connect features more than 40 different resources in a variety of categories, including:

  • Getting Active
  • Eating Healthy
  • Sleeping Well
  • Reducing Stress
  • Being Productive
  • Learning New Things
  • Contributing to Community
  • Building Relationships
  • Managing Finances

It also provides a calendar of local events that is customized to each Emory business unit or location.

And, because Healthy Emory Connect is available both as an internet app and a mobile app, it can meet your needs regardless of your busy schedule. The secure app features 24-hour access, seven days a week, with personalized, interactive tools such as activity logs, self-service tools and meal planners. It operates on both Android and iOS, so it is compatible on most smart phones and tablets. Just search for "Virgin Pulse" in your app store. You can also personalize your profile, add a photo and invite friends.

Take a look at how two Emory employees use Healthy Emory Connect to meet their own health and well-being needs and interests.

Both Don and Jess began their wellness journey on Healthy Emory Connect by completing their online health risk assessment (HRA). Once their HRA was complete, they had a much better idea on how they can improve their health. And, by setting their individual health priorities (“Thrive” areas), they see daily new “cards” or tiles selected especially for them each time they log in.

Meet Don: Focus on Nutrition

Don, a nurse works weekend shifts from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. and is always on the go. He wants to improve his diet and make better food choices when his “lunch” break comes at 3 a.m.  Don set a goal to improve his nutritional intake and lose 25 pounds over the next year.

After logging in to Healthy Emory Connect, he found these resources to help him create a plan and track it:

  • Nutrition Guide
  • Emory Nutrition Webinars
  • Food tracking logs and tools
  • Zipongo (a library of healthy recipes and customized meal planning)

Meet Jess: Emotional Health

Jess, who works in Animal Care at Yerkes, has been under a lot of stress this year due to personal issues and family loss. She is interested in learning more about how the effects of stress affect her health and needs tools and resources to help her manage it. Jess is excited to find the following resources on Healthy Emory Connect to help her improve her emotional well-being:  

  • Stress Management Seminars
  • FSAP Services
  • Take 5 Videos
  • Emory Spiritual Health

This year join Don, Jess, and thousands of other Emory employees who are using Healthy Emory Connect. Let 2018 be your year to shine. Visit