Get Connected, Stay Connected with Healthy Emory Connect!

Get Connected, Stay Connected with Healthy Emory Connect!

Mobile. Connected. Customized. Health at your fingertips.

Starting Monday, January 8, Emory employees will have a new tool in their benefit toolkit to make getting and staying healthier a little easier – Healthy Emory Connect. The new, web-based health platform is accessible via desktop and through a mobile app that is downloadable for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android devices.

Michael Staufacker, Director of Health Management at Emory, pulls up the new app on his smartphone. With a quick touch of the finger, the application launches and he shows what appears on his screen – a series of icons with short titles next to them, such as Activity, Daily Cards, Healthy Habits, Challenges and Program Details. The activity icon displays that he has clocked more than 8,000 steps already that day, and notifications indicate there are three daily cards for him to read.

Staufacker clicks on the daily card icon and a small white tile pops up and asks whether he achieved his sleep goal. He swipes left, and the next card displays a reminder about an upcoming heart walk. Another swipe reminds him to complete his financial wellness program.

“Employees will really love how flexible and easy to use the app is,” says Staufacker. “Healthy Emory Connect brings together the key elements to good health into a one-stop-shop for healthy living.”

Healthy Emory Connect allows employees to complete their 2018 online health risk assessment; earn many of their 2018 medical plan incentives; stay updated on upcoming fitness classes, programs and events; and invite up to 10 friends and family members to join them in health challenges. It even allows users to set the preferred language from one of more than a dozen available languages – a huge benefit for the very international composition of the Emory community. Because everyone’s health priorities are different, users can personalize the experience to set individual health goals across a variety of focus areas, such as sleep, activity, nutrition, learning or emotional health. The customizable nature of the app also means that people can bring their own device, such as a Garmin or Apple Watch, to cross-system challenges like the Move More Challenge.

Expanding the reach of our Wellness Champions

Another great feature of Healthy Emory Connect is the wealth of resources available specifically for Emory’s Wellness Champion network. Wellness Champions are able to design and deliver step challenges for their local teams, departments and sites. They also can alert employees in their specific areas of lunch-and-learns, walking groups, cooking demos and other health and well-being activities with the shared event calendar.

After seeing a recent Healthy Emory Connect demo, Amanda Yu, Wellness Champion at Oxford, is excited to have this resource to better organize and promote health and well-being programs for employees at Oxford. Michelle Brown, Wellness Champion at Emory University Hospital (EUH), sees the possibilities in reaching employees who typically may not be able to participate in a lot of the wellness activities. She says, “I am looking forward to being able to connect with more EUH staff who work overnight and on weekends.” She adds, “It can be difficult to stay in communication with these employees because I don’t come in contact with them on a regular basis.”

Healthy Emory Connect is powered by Virgin Pulse, part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, because of their demonstrated expertise, best practices in user design and commitment to using evidence-based methods in developing the platform and program design.

“As an leading research center and academic health system, it was important to us that this platform would provide a meaningful experience to a very savvy set of users, and be drawn from the best available research in technological design and health promotion principles,” says Staufacker. “We are very excited about what Healthy Emory Connect will mean for our community!”

Stay tuned for more information about Healthy Emory Connect coming soon!