"Know Your Numbers" Returns in 2017

"Know Your Numbers" Returns in 2017

Healthy Emory’s popular “Know Your Numbers” biometric screenings return January 2017. These convenient, onsite health screenings measure key biometric numbers such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, height/weight and body mass index (BMI). New for 2017, body composition and HbA1c (Hemoglobin A1c) will be measured.

Last offered in 2014, these onsite screenings had high participation rates and very high satisfaction rates among employees. According to Michael Staufacker, director of Health Management, “Those who participated in the 2014 screenings overwhelmingly indicated that they had a very positive experience and that they found value in the service. More importantly, employees who participated reported high levels of increased knowledge and motivation to take action to improve their health.”

This year Provant Health, the third party vendor chosen by Emory, will conduct the onsite screenings at a wide variety of locations at Emory Healthcare and at Emory University. The schedule of health screenings will begin January 17 and continue through the first week of March.

“The primary reasons for offering these screenings are to increase awareness of important measures and to encourage employees to take advantage of the wealth of health-related programs available to us,” Michael explains. “Our 2017 Healthy Emory program offerings to employees address the key risk factors and behaviors that are related to blood pressure, cholesterol and weight. These include programs for improved eating, increased physical activity and movement, tobacco cessation, and stress management.”

Get a Screening, Take a Health Assessment and Earn an Incentive

By participating in both a biometric health screening and Aetna’s online health risk assessment (“Compass”), Emory employees, spouses and SSDPs who are Emory medical plan members can earn either a $150 credit against their deductible/co‐insurance (POS Plan members) or a $150 contribution to their health savings account (HSA Plan members). To receive the $150 credit, the online health risk assessment needs to be completed after January 1, 2017.

The online questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete and participants will receive immediate feedback on their health habits and risks, including a health score. Employees can take the health assessment at www.aetna.com.

Michael stresses that while knowing your numbers is important; putting that knowledge to practical use is what can change your life. “Our hope is that by providing easy access to health screenings and the online health assessment, our employees will be able to make healthier lifestyle choices and to set personal goals for health improvement. By working together, we can be a ‘Healthy Emory!’”