Wellness at Campus Services

Wellness at Campus Services

This month, Wellness Matters spotlights one of our Healthy Emory Wellness Champions, Shervon Lewis from Campus Services. In addition to her role as Training and Communications Specialist, Shervon supports Campus Services (CS) in their efforts to improve the health and well-being of the 800 employees within the division.  

As a Wellness Champion, Shervon communicates regularly with CS about all of the programs and services available to employees, such as the Faculty Staff Assistance Program, Better Choices food options, fitness facilities & discounts and caregiver support resources.  She also acts as a voice for employees in sharing feedback with Campus Services’ human resources and leadership teams. In fall of 2016, when registration opened for the Move More Challenge, Shervon scheduled a meeting with senior leadership to gain buy-in for the Move More Challenge with a goal of surpassing the past year’s registration numbers. While promoting the challenge and discussing the obstacles of participation from CS employees, she explained that some staff members were unable to participate due to the cost of purchasing a Fitbit.  Since CS Vice President, Matthew Early, also felt it was important for all to participate, with help from Shervon, the division decided to purchase 200 Fitbits to distribute to employees.

Shervon’s dedication as a wellness champion contributed to her being awarded the distinguished 2016 Campus Services Employee of the Year award. She was originally nominated as Employee of the Quarter for developing and implementing “Shervon’s Fruit Stand.” After becoming a Wellness Champion in February 2016, Shervon began to think of different ways to promote health and well-being for CS employees. She noticed that they weren’t offering enough healthy food options at their events. With the help of the Operations & Maintenance Department, her fruit stand made its debut at the annual CS Picnic. Employees loved the idea of having fresh fruit offered at the picnic so much that long lines developed quickly. Shervon’s fruit stand offers a variety of free fruit and smoothies for employees who want to eat healthier while maintaining lots of energy.

“I wanted to create something that could be a staple at CS events and get employees excited about eating healthy when they know they have a choice,” she says.

In addition to creating her fruit stand and working with the Move More Challenge, Shervon also implemented walking groups, stress-relieving activities and other programs to help CS employees be their best at work and at home. Her advice is simple:  “Don’t be afraid to act on things you care about. If there is something out there you feel can be created to make your job easier or that will benefit your colleagues, go ahead and do what you can to make it happen. All they can say is no. But, what if they say YES?!” 

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