Why Wellness Matters to Me

Why Wellness Matters to Me

June is Men’s Health Month across the U.S. To celebrate this month, some Emory men shared why wellness matters to them.

Dr. Jonathan S. Lewin, EVP of Health Affairs at Emory University, and CEO, President and Chairman of the Board at Emory Healthcare, stressed that physical, emotional and nutritional wellness is important for all men. “Finding time for exercise is a challenge for many of us, and I am no different,” says Lewin. “Whenever possible, I enjoy spending time on an elliptical for cardio exercise, and I lift weights for resistance.” Even with his unpredictable schedule, Dr. Lewin tries to exercise regularly to maintain his stamina. “When I can, I walk at work to get as close to 10,000 steps as possible. I do this by taking conference calls while walking and by taking advantage of meetings outside of my office to walk across campus.”

Another aspect of wellness that is important to Dr. Lewin is nurturing his mental and emotional health by playing music. “While I have not found as much time as I would like for this activity, even playing my saxophone in local jazz jam sessions once or twice a month has been a wonderful outlet.”

Curtis Williams, Wellness Specialist, has made nutrition a focus since participating in the Colorful Choices Challenge earlier this year. “Since the challenge, I’ve made it a priority to consume more fruit. I’ve added fruit as snacks as well as a complement to breakfast.” He has found it helpful to prepare fruit as soon as he buys it. Removing any packaging, washing and transferring it to a container for storage helps make it easier for him to grab and go.

Campus Services’ Senior Maintenance Mechanic Floyd Clarke makes his health a top priority, sharing that “having good health is a man’s good wealth!”  Floyd believes in taking care of himself, so he can help take care of others.  He’s no longer able to run but has found other exercises including power walking and dancing that he enjoys.  Healthy eating is also a significant part of his life. “I love to cook!” he says, sharing that he makes most of his family’s meals at home. 

“With our busy lifestyles, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves,” says Dr. Bryce Gartland, CEO of Emory University Hospital. “We cannot forget, however, that for many diseases, success resides with prevention or early detection and mitigation,” he adds. Dr. Gartland hopes that everyone will join him in using the month of June to remember to get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked, become physically active, focus on nutrition and talk to your doctor about preventative exams for men.